About Us

With main focus on Europe the engineers from Maicom Quarz provide development and realization of turn-key projects as well as technical service to the semiconductor and related industry there. Our company-owned service centers in Dresden and other European Cities provide installation and technical services for delivered equipment. We also manufacture and deliver worldwide quartz glass products and pure materials.

In 2015 Maicom Quarz adopted Circular Economy as a new main business area.
In this area Maicom Quarz develops processes for

  • Energy cycle (generation storage utilization management)
  • Material cycle (recycling and utilization of waste materials (household waste, electronic waste, water))

Our R&D department works on research projects and custom research in inductively coupled high-temperature plasma technology under atmospheric pressure and others.


The vision of Maicom Quarz GmbH is to be a qualified link between international and national industrial partners in the field of high technology.

Our core competences are

  • Materials processing
  • Microelectronics
  • Circular economy and energy management

which we are constantly developing for the benefit of our customers.
We want to be your one stop partner in terms of

  • technical and local expertise
  • customer and supplier relationship
  • know-how an experiences
  • global network



Quartz business

Semiconductor tools business



Start of Supphire business für LED-industry


Start of Photovoltaic Wafer business


Start of technology development with own high-temperature plasma system

  • (first international patents
  • nano powder processing and doping
  • special coatings


Participation in national and international RID projects in material processing and coating

support from the German government and international partners


New business activities in alternative energy and circular economy projects

  • energy management
  • self-sufficient energy systems
  • new, alternative methods of energy conversion and storage