Maicom Quarz

materials and equipment for optics and electronics

Consumables and Spare parts

Supply of consumables and spare parts for the entire process chain

Wafer processing - Front end - Back-End - Inspection and Measurement – infrastructure

Spare Parts
  • Quartz (tubes, carrier, ...), silicon, sapphire and silicon carbide (paddles, carrier, ...) as customized parts for the solar and semiconductor – Industry
  • Consumables, for e.g.
    • Grinding (grinding wheels, carriers, slurries, dressing stones, ...)
    • Lapping (pads, carriers, slurries ...)
    • Polishing (diamond powders, slurries, pads, ...)
    • Lithography (photoresist, developers, ...)
    • Back-end (bond wires, tools, solder bumps ...)
    • Cleanrooms and related equipment
  • Systems for supply of gas and components (gas and media supply)
  • New and used vacuum pumps
  • High-frequency generators

...and other according to customer requirements