With its long tradition, Maicom Quarz manufactures and sells materials for optics, semiconductor industries and other high-tech applications.

These materials include quartz crystal, quartz glass, sapphire, SiC and silicon and others on request.


Maicom Quarz supplies products made of natural quartz or fused silica.

Semi-finished products

  • Tubes: dimesions (diam. up to 1000 mm, one- or two- step-technology, resized)
    • several qualities
    • different wall thicknesses and length
    • synthetic or natural quartz on request
  • Rods: diam. up to 35 mm, accuracy on request
  • Plates: cutted, grinded, polished, direct drawn
  • Sand: synthetic, crystalline, purified, spherical

Finished products

  • Quartz-parts for semiconductor processes (new and repair)
  • CVD Reactors
  • Wafer
  • optical elements
  • special optical fibers
  • Windows
  • others


Maicom Quarz supplies products made of sapphire.

  • Wafer
  • Optical Elements
  • Windows
  • Customized sapphire-parts


Maicom Quarz supplies SiC-parts.

  • Parts for semiconductor-CVD-processes and other industrial high temperature applications
  • SiC-Coatings
  • 3D-printed SiC parts for industrial applications


Maicom Quarz supplies products made of Silicon.

  • Wafer
  • Silicon Parts
    • Ingots
    • Targets
    • casted silicon parts
    • tubes with diam. up to 300 mm processed by Szochalsky-technology