Circular economy and new energy systems

Due to the long-standing search for alternative energy resources and their efficient use, Maicom Quartz GmbH has also been challenged to enter new business areas – such as the production and marketing of silicon wafers for the photovoltaic industry.

In 2003 Maicom Quarz reveived the first major orders for the supply of solar wafers to the international market. Since that time, such activities have become a separate business area: “Circular Economy and Energy Systems” with the following focal points:

  • Self-sufficient energy systems based on photovoltaics, solar thermal energy, biogas, geothermal energy or industrial waste heat
  • Energy management (electrical and thermal systems): Management of different energy resources, – storage, – transporters in temporal and quantitative dynamics
  • Material and energetic cycle systems based on novel energy conversion and recycling processes

As a system integrator, Maicom Quartz GmbH analyzes the specific conditions at the customer’s and delivers a tailor-made energy system incorporating the latest scientific findings and practical experience.

The engineering company Maicom Quartz with 30 years of experience in the fields of high technology cooperates within its networks with most experienced partners such as:

  • Process developers
  • Equipment suppliers
  • Scientific institutes and laboratories
  • Technology clusters and related networks

to successfully develop and realizes such complex projects.