For more than 30 years Maicom Quarz has been successfully planned and realized international projects in the fields of optics, microelectronics, semiconductor industries and materials processing.

Maicom Quarz together with its partners provides EPCM (Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management) for turnkey projects tailored to customer needs e.g. project development, feasibility studies, factory planning including infrastructure (utilities and facilities), equipment selection processes, technology transfer and the corresponding engineering work and project realization.

We are more than happy to work together with our valued customers on their specific requirements and its’s realization.

Selected projects

  • Crystal growing and wafer manufactory (silicon sapphire, quartz)
  • Several semiconductor process-lines lithography, etching, deposition, thermal treatment
  • PCB-full processing line
  • Material processing lines especially for Silicon Carbid, quartz grains, fiber optic preforms, customized quartz tube processing
  • Spheroidization and doping of nano-powders
  • Technology transfer – sensor manufacturing technology
  • renewable energy, e.g. PV, Bio-, Geothermal energy and Wind and combined installations
  • energy management